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Birth and Postpartum Attendant Training Program

The Certified Birth & Postpartum Attendant (CBPA) course is designed to take experienced and inexperienced birth attendants and train them to serve community members through all possible pregnancy outcomes.

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The CBPA training program is a course based on honoring the wisdom inherent in our community. This course is designed by a woman of color, and taught by people of color. We aim to prepare students to provide reproductive health support to women and birthing people, with an emphasis on community members facing the widest disparities in maternal and infant health.

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About the Program

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Course Description

  • This course will teach learners how to support women and birthing people during the childbearing years from an integrated approach using a client-centered, culturally sensitive, community-oriented perspective that honors the lived experience of clients and their families.
  • Learners will understand the role and relationship of extended families, cultural behaviors, traditional and evidenced-based practices during preconception, all pregnancy outcomes, the postpartum period, and parenting.
  • Multicultural readings and oral histories will serve as the vehicle for the integration of research, traditional beliefs and customs, and clinical experience.

16-week synchronous online course / asynchronous online course

Lectures, videos, readings, discussions, & assignments

In-person retreat July 28th - 31st in Santa Fe, NM

Field Experiences

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Our Founder

Tintawi is a mother of five living children. She is an Olorisa (Priest in the Lukumi tradition), Certified Birth Doula, CBI, International Doula Trainer, Licensed and Certified Lactation Counselor, a Traditional Birth Attendant, and a former Assistant to two midwives. She has attended birth in New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, and Ethiopia. She has had the honor of training in Mexican Midwifery traditions and African diasporic birth and postpartum rituals. Tintawi is a Board Member of Black Health New Mexico and the Ceci Tadfor Tchakounte Foundation. She is also an appointed member of the New Mexico Maternal Mortality Review Committee. Tintawi and her husband, Isatu live in rural northern New Mexico with their family and a host of pets.

Tintawi Kaigziabiher

Executive Director

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